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U of WY Memorial

The Photojournalism Project
University of Wyoming
in Memory of Larsh K. Bristol


Proceeds from the sale of Larsh’s photography will go to support the endowment and the Photojournalism Project at the University of Wyoming in Memory of Larsh K. Bristol.

Larsh Bristol, BS 1974, never met an enemy; everyone was his friend. He was charming, easy-going, had an infectious laugh and was irresistible. He was adventurous; he was a writer; he was clever. By naming this photojournalism project after Larsh Bristol, the donors wish to commemorate his life and reflect his unique talent and inspiring personality. To this end, the projects supported by this award will reflect qualities that characterized Larsh, particularity his individuality, curiosity, and creativity, and thereby help students discover their own aptitude and develop the courage and technical competence to use it.

After earning a journalism degree at the University of Wyoming, Larsh Bristol found his true talent and calling in photography. In Wyoming, Larsh found inspiration in nature and life-long friendships in the people he met there. He made enduring friendships during his freshman year, and those friends along with his beloved sister Kappy are the creators of this memorial project.

In creating an endowment to extend his legacy, Larsh’s family and friends wish to invite students at the University of Wyoming an opportunity to explore their own creativity and deepen their self-understanding of what they can accomplish. The resulting internship will provide students the chance to spend a number of months devoted to photojournalism so they can see early on whether they have the talent, wherewithal, and passion to make it their life’s pursuit.