Larsh was an award-winning photographer for over twenty years. He specialized in the following areas:Photo: Larsh Bristol at Work

  • Nature
  • Agriculture
  • Commercial Fishing on the Upper Mississippi River
  • People
  • Animals

Larsh was born and raised in Waukon, IA. In 1974, he received a degree in journalism from the University of Wyoming in Laramie.

Larsh’s career in journalism and photography began as a cub reporter on the daily newspaper in Las Vegas, NV, and morphed into one huge exciting adventure:

  • Assisting in ski rescues in the Teton Mountains while working on the paper in Jackson, WY
  • Starting a local newspaper and photography studio in Alpine, WY
  • Jumping from helicopters wearing skis and a backpack carrying dynamite in search of oil deposits in the mountains. Upon discovery of an oil deposit, the dynamite would be left and Larsh would ski quickly down the slopes ahead of the resulting explosion.
  • Leading river adventures on the Snake River
  • Working with Wyoming cowboys rounding up cattle near Sheridan, WY
  • Starting photography studio and gallery in Sheridan, WY
  • Leaving the wild west for his abiding love of the rivers, woods, bluffs, fields and vistas of northeast Iowa and the Upper Mississippi River Valley

Larsh at work

Larsh continued his photography career and photo essays beautifully illustrated in his books:Photo: Larsh Bristol Self Portrait

  • Iowa, Simply Beautiful
  • Iowa, Simply Beautiful II
  • Iowa Impressions

His love of the natural artistry of light and texture and natural forms is legendary among all who are familiar with and see his work.

His adventurous lifestyle continued and is displayed in much of his work:

  • Motorcycling
  • Kayaking
  • Playing golf
  • Raising horses
  • Traveling

Larsh’s zest for life and all of his life’s experiences are shared with others through his camera lens.