Motorcycling Essays for The Tapestry magazine (Lansing, IA)

Photo: Tapestry Magazine Cover (July,2006)From the date of Larsh’s first published piece with us, “Why I Ride” (Oct., 2002) — an essay he wrote about the joy and freedom he found in motorcycling, accompanied by photographs that previewed what would become the last work exhibited during his lifetime — he became an integral part of the heart and soul of this publication. As cover images for seven issues, as the subject of two special sections on commercial fishing on the Upper Mississippi River, and as the source of his regular column, “Riding the River,” Larsh’s work made The Tapestry magazine into something it could not have been, without his vision. Larsh enriched our lives and our work with his easy laughter, his love of life and photography, his wise counsel, and his boundless generosity. We will always cherish those gifts.
— Julie Berg-Raymond, Publisher, The Tapestry magazine

Image: July 2006 Tapestry MagazineThe Tapestry Essays

Our thanks to Julie Berg-Raymond for sharing Larsh’s articles (and therefore his humor and personality) from The Tapestry magazine to be included and enjoyed by visitors to Larsh’s web site.